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As a long-term collaborator, with a relationship of over 6 years, Dance4 are proud (and a little sad) to be hosting Rita Marcalo and Instant Dissidence as a final love letter to the UK.  Following the Brexit vote Rita is leaving, and collaborating and creating One Last Dance – An Chéad Damhsa on her journey.

You are warmly invited to the performance of One Last Dance followed by a presentation/reading by one of the In Limbo writers (a book of stories about how Brexit is affecting EU27 citizens) and a post-show discussion on the relationship between art and activism.

Join us for refreshments and pizza as we celebrate this journey through the UK.

If you want to follow more of this journey in the East Midlands, you can join Instant Dissidence in Leicester on 19 Sept and Loughborough on 20 Sept. Full details online here.

One Last Dance – An Chéad Damhsa is a perambulating dance between Guildford (the location Rita lived in when she first arrived in the UK as an Erasmus student in 1994) and Cloughjordan (the rural Irish village that she is moving to post-Brexit).

As she dances her way through the UK she will meet (and stay with) other EU citizens who will walk/dance part of the way with her. Each EU citizen choreographs a section of One Last Dance, and all choreographic sections are linked to one another via linear accumulation.

As she dances she will encounter arts organisations which have been part of her work in the UK over the past 24 years. At each of these encounters she will perform One Last Dance to the accumulative stage that it will be at.

As she enters the island of Ireland, the work shifts into its next stages: An Chéad Damhsa, which in English means My First Dance. Eventually she reaches her final destination (Cloughjordan), where she will perform the entire accumulated choreography.

The 2-month long perambulating dance will be documented on film.

Press reviews of previous work

With tears in my eyes I end this dance. With tears in her eyes Rita thanks me for dancing with a stranger. (Lisa Stertz, Incident Magazine)
A series of powerful duets performed with people on the streets, each one an act of hope.
(Steve Wright, Bristol 24/7)

One Last Dance – An Chéad Damhsa by Instant Dissidence
presented at iC4C

iC4C, 2 Dakeyne Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG3 2AR United Kingdom

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