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In this work the notion of theatre is reduced in a minimal setting of table, chair, laptop and body. This setting aims to create a certain intimacy with the viewer whilst allowing the interplay between real and virtual presences (media).

Notebook Series is collaboration between a choreographer and a set-designer. The idea of the notebook as a holding structure for a collection of images, text fragments and choreographic studies allows for an understanding of this performance as non-linear, multiple, diverse and potentially without end.

In a situation reminiscent of a lecture or public speech the performance looks at the potentiality and alterity of the human performer.  Moving between the real and the fictional in a clinical deconstruction and disassociation of the human body and its senses, the performance ask questions about belief and the perception of norms.

Concept: Colette Sadler and Philine Rinnert. Choreography and performance: Colette Sadler. Setting , visuals , costume and lighting: Philine Rinnert.

Notebook Series is co-produced by Dusseldorf Visual art Quadrennial / KIT (Kunst im Tunel) Germany and Dance4 UK. Residency support CAMPO Belgium.

This piece was perfomed as part of Nottdance 2015.

For more information about previous Nottdance festivals please visit the Nottdance archive.

Notebook Series by Colette Sadler- March 2015
presented at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University

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