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We’re delighted to announce the return of CONTINUOUS with Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome’s LET THE BODY at Nottingham Contemporary in partnership with Dance4.

Positioning dance as a form of transformational expression LET THE BODY (LTB) dives into the fibres, sinews and flesh of our bodies tempting out a devotional, mind loosening, re-pleasuring of our physical bodies sharing space and live electronic music. Shelley Parker’s score is entirely composed from recordings of the performers in rehearsal processed into percussive sequences. Using elements of bio-charcoal, soil, scent and smoke inside repetitive pulsing beats and bass frequencies, we are calling to re ground – re earth ourselves and those present, sifting out what no longer is needed and scattering intentions for this moment into the future.

Tuning to the memory of collective dance and rave spaces, oscillating between hypnotic sound, harmonics and opening to different moods created by sound, LTB proposes a space for deep-rave-listening as a form of presence making, encouraging a sharpening of collective perception.

Can we rave inside? Can we rage inside – uniting these energies into a resting liveness, remembering the heat – proximity – relentlessness of the dance fuelling an ever potent presence? Memory and witnessing igniting new information through our nervous systems, senses and hormonal production.

LTB is a place for the mess and articulation of bodies, raving inside and in our chairs. A sit down inner rave. Let the music move our interior spaces, pivoting/ orienting towards others, creating connection despite the distance.

Featuring performances from Muñoz-Newsome, Serefine1369/ Jamila Johnson Small and Nishikawa with music score by Parker, LET THE BODY asks what sensations, perceptions, thoughts and chemical/hormonal/cellular changes occur through submitting to dance, deep listening and sound.

Suitable for all ages.


The work is accessible for wheelchair users. We can accommodate audiences who wish to sit behind the speakers. The work is very loud, but we can provide ear defenders / ear plugs if required. If you have any questions around access, or if you have specific access requirements, please get in touch with Olivia Aherne ([email protected]).


Presented by CONTINUOUS in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary and Dance4.


LET THE BODY. Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff: false

Let The Body by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
presented at Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday cross
Nottingham, NG1 2GB

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