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*This is a rescheduled event as part of LDIF20 Finale, all original tickets remain valid.*

Presented in partnership with Serendipity, Signatures is a platform that provides opportunities to nurture and support undiscovered talent. Working with emerging dancers and choreographers based locally, nationally and internationally, Signatures enables these artists to realise their creative potential.

Signatures will showcase several excerpts of work in development; thought-provoking, explorative and always innovative, this is a unique opportunity to see rising stars of dance.

Pablo Girolami (Italy/Spain): Manbuhsa
Fuelled by a fascination for foreign civilisations and inspired by the music’s rhythms, a relation is built between the dancers. Through movement, one invites the other to discover his natural instinct and vibrations that will guide them in their journey.

Freddy Houndekindo (France/Sweden): #unstated_figure
An abstract self-portrait questioning identity as an individual within a society. Through a prism of choreography and a multiplicity of dance styles, Houndekindo develops strategies to hijack preconceived ideas that a cultural legacy, chosen or unwillingly inherited, can produce.

Samwel Japhet (Tanzania): On The Other Side of Being
Japhet explores how Tanzanian society judges and portrays people with madness. The performance challenges the differences between the condition of being in control of your body and thoughts and the condition of being out of this control.

David Milome (Martinique): One Lost…One Lost?
Choreographers Milome and Josiane Antourel create a common language through mixing hip hop and African Contemporary dance. Bringing together different techniques and generations, the dancers express their emotional states through a singular choreographic interplay.

Clio Christie (UK): Untouchable
My caste is my curse. When your repression is determined by the inevitable, your vulnerability will always hold you captive. Christie explores a journey of trying to escape from one’s brutal reality of the unjust social system.

Del Wooding (St Kitts/UK): A Cause, For Another
An exploration into a journey of mind and soma, this piece explores what drives improvisation. Within the concept of ego and soul, the art of construct and flow, the macro and micro are the factors that guide the essence of movement.


Image credit: Pablo Girolami and Giacomo Todeschi, Manbuhsa, photograph by Bud Photos – Daniel Bühler

LDIF 2020: Signatures
presented at Curve Studio

Curve Studio, 60 Rutland Street
Leicester, LE1 1TQ United Kingdom

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