Dancing Museums is an action-research project over 3 years designed to foster and sustain long-term collaborations between dance organisations, museums, universities and local communities across Europe. We’re one of the partners and hosted the launch and first seminar of the 3 year project here at iC4C earlier this year in May.

The programme also features 6 one-week workshops throughout the 3 years. This week is the second workshop of the project (following on from the first workshop which took place in Bassano, Italy in August) in Vitry-sur-Seine just outside of Paris hosted by La Briqueterie and MAC VAL Museum working with their local artist for the project Ana Pi and the projects artist mentor Betsy Gregory.

Each workshop has a focus for the week and the focus for this workshop is How Can the Arts Work Towards Inclusion?  The other dance organisations and museum partners of the project will join the workshop from Friday 29 November including three members of our team, Paul Russ, Hannah Sharpe and Jess Ashley. UK artist for this project, Eleanor Sikorski has been there from the start of the week alongside the other international artists.  The workshop week will include a roundtable workshop with all the partners hosted at La Briqueterie on Friday 29 November and presentations at MAC VAL Museum on Sunday 1 December.

To keep up to date with the happenings of this workshop and the entire project throughout its three years like and follow the Dancing Museums Facebook page. You can also follow the hashtag #DancingMuseums on Instagram and Twitter to see the project develop over the three years. If you want to find out more about Dancing Museums visit the website here.

You can also view journal blogs from the artists here.