Arts Council England has announced increased investment for Dance4 as part of its National Portfolio for 2018–2022.

This support will enable Dance4 to realise its international showcasing ambitions and to increase the international reach and connections through its new home, the international Centre for Choreography, in Nottingham.

As a leading organisation in the support of independent artists and choreographic development, Dance4 can continue this important work ensuring artists and their extraordinary work can engage with the public, inspiring people, places and lives.

Dance4’s Chief Executive / Artistic Director Paul Russ says:

  • ‘I’m thrilled with the NPO announcement for Dance4. It will allow us to extend our support to independent artists and producers through opening many more doors to international markets, explore new collaborations and realise new partnerships.
  • I am also delighted to see the increased investment in Dance across the East Midlands, supporting development organisations of the highest quality, but providing much needed support for artists making great work here.’

Cate Canniffe, Director of Dance, Arts Council England says:

  • ‘Dance continues to be a strong international export and we are delighted to give Dance4 increased funding to continue the work it has started with arts councils across the UK and with international partners to deepen relationships between British choreographers and producers to international showcases and markets.’

Richard Parry from Department Trade & Industry added:

  • ‘Dance4 was instrumental in delivering an excellent UK representation at Tanzmesse in 2016 as part of the GREAT campaign and I look forward to working with them in our continuing efforts to promote the brilliance of the UK contemporary dance offer overseas.’

With over 25 years of experience Dance4 is now braced for the next chapter of success. This statement of confidence from Arts Council England means Dance4 can continue to realise their ambitions to provide the environment for great ideas and works to emerge, for new talented young people to train in world class facilities and to inspire new participation and audiences for dance.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said:

  • ‘Dance4 is known for their unique productions and extensive talent development programmes, which are helping to train the next generation of dancers from the East Midlands and beyond. We’re delighted to be increasing our investment in them over the next four years, and it’ll be great to see Dance4 deliver a new international programme to showcase their dancers and engage new audiences with their work.’

Read the National Portfolio Dance Narrative and International Narrative here.