On Friday 26 October 2018 Nottingham City Care Partnership (NCCP) hosted a stakeholders’ event at the Nottingham City Council House Ballroom, inviting stakeholders including senior leaders from health and social care settings across Nottingham, patients, NCCP staff members and specific invited guests. The event aimed to celebrate the successes of NCCP’s work and explore the theme of connectivity.

NCCP and Dance4 have worked in partnership over the past 5 years to co-sponsor the Nottingham Young Creative Awards Dance Category. Following the development of this partnership work NCCP invited Dance4 to present a specially commissioned dance performance to stakeholders at the event. Dance4 commissioned Nottingham born dancer Lesya Tyminsak and her collaborator Melina Scofocleous to create a short duet which responded to a brief asking the dancers to demonstrate connectivity and partnership showing how two bodies can respond to connecting in different physical ways.

The event was a great success. Following the performance a facilitated discussion enabled stakeholders to reflect on the dance work and see parallels between the movement work displayed to their daily lives within the health sector. Partners clearly articulated how the dance had demonstrated the ideas with comments such as:

I could see the dancers starting off moving quite tentatively and then as they moved through the dance there were moments when they came together to work more closely and moments when they had to support one another, which is like how we have to work together.‘ Event attendee.

The dancers really supported each other, they had to have trust in each other and pick each other up. There were times when they worked separately but then came back together to connect and be stronger‘ Event attendee.

The performance acted as a strong metaphor for the stakeholders in the room to reflect upon their own areas of work. With the question posed as to ‘What action do we all need to take now to make a change?’ many of the stakeholders and patients at the event left motivated and thinking about how there services could be improved and developed through greater connectivity.

Dance4 hopes to continue building a relationship with NCCP and the health sector in Nottingham and develop more opportunities for dance and choreography to support health services and the wider health and social care sector.