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Below you’ll find a list of some of the more common queries we’re asked. If there’s anything else you need to know that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0115 924 2016 or email [email protected].

How old do you have to be to apply for Dance4′s CAT?2018-05-17T14:08:39+01:00

We actively recruit students aged 11 – 17 years. You can still remain on the scheme once you turn 18  but you must still be 17 years old when you start.

Does it matter if I haven’t had a lot of experience in dance?2018-05-17T14:15:09+01:00

Not necessarily. We are looking for potential, so it’s not necessary to have had lots of experience already. However, we do want to see if you can demonstrate the creativity, dedication and enthusiasm to pursue a career in dance.

What about school?2018-05-17T14:15:53+01:00

CAT is designed to fit around your schoolwork. In the first year you will only need to attend sessions on Saturdays from 10.30am – 4.30pm and intensive sessions that take place during school holidays and some weekends. This means you will still have plenty of time to do your homework.

What about the other dance classes that I already do?2018-05-17T14:17:27+01:00

CAT is a course in contemporary dance and you may want to continue with a range of other activities, including other dance styles. You will need to be able to attend all the classes and additional activities on the scheme so you may need to consider how you manage your time.

We do monitor the number of hours of physical activity our students do per week as part of their Individual Training Plan. However, the number of dance classes you want to do each week is a decision you need to make with your parents/guardians and your CAT mentor.

I like dancing but I’m not sure yet whether I want to pursue it as a career. Should I apply?2018-05-17T14:25:07+01:00

The scheme will give you information and training so that you can decide if a career in dance is for you.  If you don’t think you could commit the time and effort it takes to be a CAT student this is probably not the right course for you – but don’t stop dancing. This is one of many pathways into a career in dance, and we will happily help you to find other opportunities to get involved in other youth dance projects.

What will I have to do at the audition?2018-04-25T14:09:51+01:00

The audition will consist of practical dance sessions containing a creative workshop and a contemporary technique class. The sessions are observed by a small panel of professionals. Some people may be asked to stay for an interview following the practical sessions.

What happens if I don’t get through the audition? Can I try again?2018-05-17T14:26:07+01:00

You can apply to audition again the following year.  In certain circumstances we may decide that you have potential but are not yet ready for the course.  If this is the case we will advise you on a one-to-one basis.

What is covered by the cost of the course?2018-05-17T14:35:57+01:00

The cost of the course includes all activities on the CAT programme, such as regular classes intensive weekends and holiday courses, theatre trips, performance opportunities and medical support. More information can be found on the Grants and Fees page or on the Music and Dance Scheme website.

How long does the course last for?2018-05-17T14:37:09+01:00

You will be assessed continually throughout your time on the course and we hope to be able to support you right through to the point that you go on to further vocational training.

However, if you and/or the course leaders decide that the programme is no longer right for you, you will be positively supported off the course and directed to other progression routes.

Places are offered on a yearly basis and if you chose to leave at the end of a year you will receive documentation to say you have participated in the course.

How will I travel to the venues in Nottingham each time?2018-05-17T14:39:50+01:00

Most of the CAT activity take place at iC4C, which is located not far from Nottingham city centre.  We have students travelling from all across the East Midlands, either on public transport or via car –  many of them share lifts with other students coming from their area. There are travel bursaries available to help with the cost of your travel to CAT activities.

What if I need help to fill in the forms?2018-04-25T14:17:05+01:00

The CAT Team is available to help you as much as possible with any questions regarding the scheme and are happy to help you fill out the application form.  Please call us on 0115 924 2016 or email [email protected].

What will happen in September, how will the sessions run?2021-06-22T14:44:58+01:00

In September we have an induction weekend to welcome new starters and introduce them to the rest of the dancers and the tutors on the scheme.

We hope to begin our term in September 2021 with our normal face-to-face weekly session, however we will always be reviewing and following governmnent advice to make this happen in the safest way for everyone and adjust the programme accordingly when necessary.

Are there bursaries to help towards CAT fees?2021-06-29T11:12:38+01:00

CAT is a National scheme under the Department of Education.

This means that places can be fully or partially funded depending on household income.

If we have fees to pay, can we spread the cost over the year?2021-06-29T11:17:44+01:00

If you qualify for some or no funding and have to pay fees for the scheme, these can be either paid upfront or spread out throughout the year in 3 termly instalments or 10 monthly payments.

What advice would you offer a young person interested in dance training?2021-06-29T11:26:15+01:00

My advice for those at the start of their training would be ;be open to new experiences and ways of working! Stay true to your originality as an artist and try not to be too critical of yourself, diversity is what makes our profession so great.

Ruben Brown Dance4 CAT Alumni

What do you like about CAT and why do you go every week?2021-06-29T11:24:42+01:00

I love the variety at CAT. I think the variation really helps me as a dancer as I get to experience so much. I also love seeing the people I dance with every week and taking classes with them as you get to see each other improve and help each other improve along the way.

CAT Student, Jamaica

What would you tell a young person who was interested in auditioning for the CAT programme but not sure if it’s right for them?2021-06-29T11:27:35+01:00

I would just say, do it! Even if you’re unsure if dancing is what you want to do, CAT is a good place to help discover that within yourself because you have so many brand-new experiences, opportunities and meet so many people, that by the end of it all, you’re equipped with enough knowledge (and people to talk to) to confidently make your decision, whatever it may be.

CAT Alumni Charlotte Hoyle

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