This year we say goodbye and good luck to 6 of our older students as they embark on their further training in dance.


Below are some words from the graduating students on their experiences and time on the Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme, what they’ve achieved, how it has helped and some of their favourite memories as a Dance4 CAT student. We would like to congratulate each of the 6 students on all they have achieved during their time with CAT and wish each of them the best of luck for their futures.


“I’ve been on CAT for 4 years. I am off to train at Falmouth University to do their BA Dance & Choreography. I have absolutely loved my time on CAT, it’s been a truly inspiring chapter of my life and has really unlocked potential I never thought I had in me. I was incredibly shy and had little to no confidence when I started and now I can safely say, I’ve made friends for life and secured the self-belief to try out new opportunities, no matter how foreign or overwhelming they might seem. Which has not only set me up to have the best experiences I could possibly get before going into full-time training, but also given me the ability to not be afraid of what may be around the corner.”


“I have been on CAT for 5 years. From September I will be starting the BA at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. To me, CAT has been infinitely useful; I’ve gained industry knowledge, invaluable skills, along with relationships that will last a lifetime. Most importantly, CAT gave me the opportunity to realise what I want to pursue as an artist, but also, the kind of person I want to be. My best CAT memory was at the end of 2018, stood with Gary Clarke watching our films we made during a summer intensive; my only thought was, ‘this is right’.”


“I was later than some to the CAT programme, this being my third and final year. My time on CAT is the reason I have pursued a career in contemporary dance, and I will be forever grateful for that. My stand out memory being, after watching an exceptional performance by Motionhouse, my head was turned, and I knew that was the stage I wanted to be on. When I started CAT I didn’t believe that ballet was a necessary skill, since then CAT has taught me it’s influence on contemporary dance and the importance of your own body. Next year I am going to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance on the CertHE course, the most important aspect I am going to hold on to is the creativity and freedom CAT has helped me develop, to never be stopped by any form of restriction.”


“I’ve been on CAT for three years and am off to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. My time on CAT has been exciting, inspiring, and full of valuable lessons for my future training. I’ve learnt how to be confident exploring and experimenting creatively through dance without being afraid to stand out from others and without fear of some sort of failure. Memories I’ve made during my time on CAT are ones I will treasure. I’m lucky to have been a part of CAT and am grateful for the constant support, guidance and enthusiasm I’ve been given as I head towards future training.”


“I have completed five years on the CAT scheme.  In September, I begin training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.  My time at CAT has developed me as both a dancer and a person, especially as I previously had no experience in improvisation or creative work.  CAT has increased my confidence levels in a really comfortable environment, surrounded by many other talented dancers.  It’s also enabled me to work with a variety of artists, developing diversity in my dance vocabulary.  I will definitely utilise all the skills CAT has allowed me to develop in the continuation of my training.”