Rachel Elderkin headshot. Image by Jack McGuire

Rachel Elderkin is a freelance dance artist, writer/dramaturg and podcast host. She was a participating artist in SystemsLAB (Freddie Opuko-Addaie for Dance Umbrella) and, as a dance artist, has performed in theatre, film, outdoor and site-specific works. Currently, Rachel is a selected artist/mentee on the AWA Dance Mentorship Programme 2020, which focuses on supporting the leadership development of women in dance.

Artistically, Rachel is interested in exploring the meeting point between writing and movement, in gathering stories and weaving collective narratives into performance. Her collaborators work across immersive theatre, visual arts and technology. A member of the Critics Circle UK (dance section) Rachel writes extensively on dance, contributing to The Stage & international publication, and Fjord Review. She is the host and founder of Dance Dialogues Podcast; a space for artists to discuss their life, work and what matters in dance right now.

Rachel is passionate about expanding conversations on dance, particularly for independent artists, and in finding ways to build more visibility & support within our freelance dance community.

Through 2021, Rachel will be continuing her research into the shared stories and experiences of women and developing her practice in dramaturgy for dance, supported by a Develop your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant from Arts Council England.

Image credits:
Landscape image of Rachel Elderkin. Photographer Noel Shelley
Portrait image of Rachel Elderkin. Photographer Jack McGuire


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