Nilima Devi is an Indian Classical Dance Artist with a record of choreographing, performing and teaching a range of work nationally and internationally for the past 35 years. Nilima is the founder and Artistic Director of Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD) in Leicester and has trained hundreds of dancers who now contribute to the development of the art form at all levels. She was recognised for her extensive services to dance in the UK with an MBE in 2013.

In 2009, she undertook her first full-scale professional dance project Urjah which toured regional venues. Urjah was a piece based on four classical Indian dance styles incorporating new commissioned music with a digital back drop. It was performed in eight small scale venues in the East Midlands and presented alongside classical solo items in the first half of the show, combining classical work with contemporary movement vocabulary in a creative fusion.

Nilima has also previously created a large number of pieces based on classical/folk and creative styles while working with CICD Kalavrinda senior dancers company and Youth Dance Company and for those training with her.

In 2013 she spent some R&D time on the theme of Hasten Slowly in order to develop new approaches to choreographic techniques and presentation. The project involved a choreographic mentor, a music composer, two dancers and a dramatist. The R&D phase of Hasten Slowly was very successful and the public response was very appreciative.


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