Photo credit - Heather Forknell

An independent artist with a degree in Contemporary Arts (visual art and dance).

Nicola’s practice is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature encompassing solo dance performance, film and installation with the integration of music, text (written and spoken) and sonic elements.

Nicola’s life situation as a middle-aged woman and the personal stories of her collaborators and participants is often reflected in the themes of her artwork in relation to wider political, social and economic events. This has included explorations of identity with reference to work and labour, freedom and restriction. Nicola is particularly interested in art of the everyday and likes to expose predominant aesthetic, socio and/or economic values incorporated in TV, news, politics, film and entertainment.

Nicola seeks out and is influenced by mainstream and experimental music, dance/performance, film, TV and visual artwork that feeds her ethos to create art that is both accessible and challenging to people with or without any art training or background.

Nicola’s work has been presented in galleries, theatres, cafes, art centres locally and nationally.


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