Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon have been a partnership since 2005.

They make work that moves between dance, experimental performance and visual art. Their work crosses contexts and has been shown in traditional theatre settings as well as outdoor sites and as journeys through landscapes. At its heart, their work has a deep interest in the physical body, the physical experience of the audience and their environment.

Neil and Simone invite audiences to engage in the heightened perception and experience of a shared moment. Through their offerings, audiences are able to explore their surroundings in new and surprising ways or witness delicate and risky situations in performance environments. In their practice, Neil and Simone draw upon a rich and engaged portfolio of long-term and committed training in methodologies such as Body Weather, Feldenkrais and João Fiadeiro’s Real Time Composition.

Neil and Simone’s work is heavily influenced by spending time in the outdoors. They have both undertaken ‘Mountain Leader’ training. In September 2012 they took part in a Forest Fringe residency within the context of the Norwich & Norfolk Festival, whilst working on Robert Wilson’s WALKING.

Whether it is a studio-based performance, an audio walk through a small French town, or a workshop residency, what ties their work together is an understanding that we can allow ourselves to be changed and shaped by the experiences we encounter and the people we meet. Whatever form Neil and Simone’s work takes, it is always at the core of it about facilitating experience.

As well as their work together Neil and Simone continue to work within different constellations of people. Collaborating with other artists allows them a different artistic exchange that lets them return with freshness to their own work. They understand and value the rich exchange that can happen in collaboration, and this is fuel for their artistic practice and has helped sustain them over many years of work.


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