Leila McMillan image by Richard Haynes

Leila McMillan is an international choreographer, teacher and performer. She has worked with artists including David Zambrano, Crystal Pite, Thomas Lehmen, Wendy Houstoun, Jasmina Krizaj & Nina Fajdiga. Leila curated ‘this way, that way’ (2015) at Lilian Baylis studio, Sadler’s Wells as a part of Wild Card. Her full-length work ‘Family Portrait’ (2015) has been presented throughout the UK.

Leila was an artist in residence at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2017) creating new work 3 fingers at arm’s length, nominated for ‘Outstanding Choreography’ at Hong Kong Dance Alliance Awards 2018. Leila creates work that is high-energy yet nuanced and abstract in its choreography, drawing on personal experiences focusing on themes of identity, gender and the cultural interface. Her practice incorporates ‘Flying Low’ and ‘Passing Through’ methods, uses improvisation, set material and visual references.

Collaboration is at the heart of Leila’s process, aiming to create an inclusive and supportive environment throughout. Since receiving a place on David Zambrano’s 50 Days Flying Low and Passing Through (2010), Leila is one of the few internationally certified artists teaching this technique and has led the development of this approach in the UK.

Leila is Lecturer of Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School and has gone on to teach throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, United States and South America. From 2012 she collaborated with Angolan visual artist Isaac Carlos as co-founders of Muxima, an independent cafe in Bow, East London, producing regular art, music and performance events, awarded several times ‘best cafe’ in East London.


Portrait photo by Richard Haynes
Landscape photo by Fernanda Rudmer


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