Photo Credit Liam Keown

A dance maker and performer, creating performance and exploring choreographic research often initiated by a feeling, a vision, a protest, a disapproval, a light joy, a balancing, a movement, being in movement.

Katherine’s dance practice involves exploring the interplay of movement and voice through improvisation and release technique; weaving relational, representational movement found in the everyday with more abstract, sculptural movement.

Dancing both ambiguously and ambitiously, often shifting between the two.

Katherine’s work takes shape in many forms and involves the bringing together of dance, visual art, space and sound. Seeing both dancing and performance becoming a space for meeting, and so often invites people to contribute to the making of a work, or in a live performance include improvisational elements that are interactive with audiences, so that it becomes an experience in support of moving alive and together, a work of many.


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