Jian Yi’s practice is rooted in an ongoing enquiry into the ambiguities of emotional experience. Integrating an affective-compulsive kind of radical movement practice based in shamanistic trance – their work primarily engages Eastern philosophy and arts practices, questions of identity, race/sexuality/Diaspora – and exploring the ways in which performance practice can be expanded to enter a territory of the experiential-unconscious.

Through their multidisciplinary work – they seek to explore the experiential trauma of marginalised persons within our society, such as queer people of colour, and how we reflect on the broader human condition of our spiritual suffering under contemporary contexts of late neo-liberal Capitalism. They interrogate these thematics by creating affects of depersonalised experience, estranging everyday realities through intensified mental and emotional states. Generating symbolic-schizoid works, this makes audiences question the existential conditions of reality – through feelings that things could somehow be different…

Their work has been performed and exhibited in major institutions such as The Kitchen NYC, The New Museum, Judson Memorial Church, ACMI Melbourne and CCA Glasgow. They have recently been selected to represent Scotland/UK at the International Forum, Theatertreffen Berliner Festspiele – an international fellowship for young performance makers under 35 from around the world – and they are keen to continue creating cross-borders’ connections and understanding between different cultures and performance contexts.


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