Jacky Lansley is a choreographer, writer and performance artist who has been practising for over four decades. Her work combines visual and theatrical disciplines and is often created out of personal and political concerns.

Jacky was a founder of UK’s major independent dance studios – X6 Dance Space and Chisenhale Dance Space – and in 2002 she founded the Dance Research Studio, which has supported the making of more recent works including Holding Space (2004); View From the Shore & Anamule Dance (2007); Standing Stones (2008); The Life Class (film, 2008), Guests R&D (2010), Guest Suites (2012), Crossing Paths (2016) and About Us (2018/19).

She is the co-author (with Fergus Early) of The Wise Body, published by Intellect Books, 2011; her most recent book Choreographies: Tracing the Materials of an Ephemeral Art Form was published by Intellect Books in 2017.

In 2018, Jacky was awarded One Dance UK’s prestigious Jane Attenborough Award, for services to dance.

Profile photo by Hugo Glendinning

Landscape photo – Dance Object Revisted’  by Jacky Lansley, 2020; performance as part of the exhibition ‘X6 Dance Space – Liberation Notes’ at Cell Project Space; image in background by Geoff White; Photographer: Rob Harris, courtesy of Cell Project Space.


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