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Hannah Buckley is a dancer and choreographer based in the north of England.

Her practice is process driven often with long, spacious processes. Generally, she works on multiple projects that are distinct yet somehow interconnected. She is interested in the tension and skill of crafting art works whilst simultaneously letting things emerge.

The primary concern of her work is to question existing social structures of oppression, with a focus on female experience. Her work is quietly political and she aims to create processes and art that are spaces / forms of both critique and care. Her current research is based around the concept of ‘feminism as the female command of space’. She is interested in exploring her personal understanding and experience of this, as well as integrating a wide range of female experiences into her work.

Hannah often collaborates with other artists in a variety of contexts, such as multi disciplinary artist Nicola Singh at Baltic39 (2017) and musician Alex De Little at The Hepworth (2017). She also has an ongoing collaboration with her twin sister, a photographer based in NYC, which began in 2009. Their work has been shown at venues such as Manchester Art Gallery, Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen) and MILK Gallery NYC.

As a performer Hannah has worked nationally and internationally as part of festivals such as Manchester International Festival, the Venice Biennale and Transform Festival (Leeds). She has twice been awarded a Fellowship as part of Yorkshire Dance’s Juncture Festival.


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