Dance4 Associate Artist, Guy Dartnell is an international award winning solo and collaborative artist and filmmaker. He had made five solo shows, and instigated various interdisciplinary research and participatory projects. He is also a long time collaborator with Improbable, Lone Twin Theatre and Heart n Soul and is the co-artistic director of Oogly Boogly.

Guy has specialised for many years in voice-movement integration and improvised performance and has also been involved in extensive ongoing personal investigation into healing, meditative and process oriented practices.

Guy’s solo perfromances generally explore identity as their main theme, using autobiographical and personal material weaved together in a patchwork fashion, using a mixture of movement, voice, story-telling, visual imagery, music and more recently video.

Over the years Guy has instigated and/or taken part in various collaborations. He was an advisory artist for the International Workshop Festival for while and an associate artist with The Merlin Theatre and BAC and  an associate with Dance 4, Improbable and Lone Twin Theatre and the co-director of Oogly Boogly.

Most recently Guy Dartnell is mentoring The Choreographic Lab on their piece Breathe Bone which is part of Nottdance 2019. For more infomation about this event please click here.


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