Two black men dressed in dark clothing. Their arms spiral and intertwine amongst one and others necks binding them together in a struggled embrace. Image by Amelia Lancaster

FUBUNATION is a West-London based organisation rooted in movement directed by choreographers Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada with the aim of adding to black culture(s) by creating more visibility and representation for dancers of colour in contemporary dance. Their objective is to build more diversity in the audiences that come to theatres and other dance platforms.

Their movement language combines contact improvisation forms with influences of Hip-hop and African dance styles.

Having predominantly worked in film and live performance, the organisation embraces collaborations across all art forms in order to continue pursuing their journey in encouraging diversity not only in dance but through the arts as a whole.

FUBUNATION are recipients of the Conny Janssen Danst Award (2019), the London Borough of Culture Fund Award 2020, lecturers and artists in residence at Irie Dance Theatre (2020-2022), Aerowaves top 20 artists (2021) and Dance4 international showcasing programme 2021-2023.

Their work has been programmed in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Croatia.


Portrait image by Amelia Lancaster


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