Florence Peake is a London-based artist who has been making work since 1995. Her performance practice uses drawing, painting and sculpture combined with found and fabricated objects placed in relation to the moving body. Site and audience, live and recorded text, wit and candour are key to her work, which has been presented internationally and across the UK, in contexts including Wysing (2017), Serpentine (2016), Whitechapel Gallery (2016), ICA (2015), Harris Museum (2015), Hayward (2014), BALTIC (2013), Frieze (2013), Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2012).

As a trained dancer Florence’s background in choreography and painting stimulates a studio practice that is both diverse and immersive. Through public performances and carefully choreographed works, Florence challenges notions of physicality, loss and political concerns such as the commodification of art by the corporate world.

By encouraging chaotic relationships between the body and material, Florence creates radical and outlandish performances which create temporary alliances and micro-communities within the audience. In believing that objects and materials have their own autonomy and subjectivity, Florence draws on the expansive vocabulary of materials to enhance and contextualise her work. Recent performance work has taken themes from popular spiritual practices, appropriating them to interact intimately with audiences and exploring a range of states of being to test what is assumed of reality.

Florence’s recent painting work with mixed media attempts to capture the live experience of performing, the performers’ inner states and memory of a given performance, and re-performing the live works through large scale canvas and fresco works. Ceramic explorations also include performance as the subject, making clay forms through the live performance to extract new autonomous sculptural works.

As a performer Florence works with filmmakers, artists and choreographers: Joe Moran, Gaby Agis, Serena Korda, Nicola Conibere, Gary Stevens; Theatre of Mistakes retrospective; and touring with Station House Opera’s Roadmetal, Sweetbread.


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