Photo credit: Ehmna Aslam

Emma Lewis-Jones’ core choreographic practice, Soft Edges, observes the body in relation to changing contexts, when journeying through landscape. Her work is about making and breaking rules for travel, informed by the body and the environment and is a structure for devising choreographies for and about the outdoors.

Soft Edges is an ongoing enquiry for Emma. As well as exploring the practice alone, she has had a residency with local artists at Dartington, Devon (2014), developed many scores for the work, and has been supported by her mentor Simone Kenyon, to deepen enquiries. Most recently, she gathered with Amy Lawrence, Paul Hughes and Hermione Purvis to generate a performance work enveloping the ethos of the practice, as well as researching further into contextualising Soft Edges as a group.

Emma’s most recent residency was at Dance4 (summer 2018) and, following the presentation of a work-in-progress, she intends to continue her research through a series of upcoming collaborations and enquiries in various contexts.