Born in Porto in 1987 Dinis has been based in Stockholm since 2012. With an education in Dance and Visual Arts, his works usually develop from the crossing point of these two areas: where the concrete gesture of plastic construction is reclaimed and worked on as choreographic material. He has worked regularly as a performer since 2005 and as a choreographer of his own works since 2007.

Dinis has created several performances presented at ImpulsTanz, MDT, Weld, Dance 4, Chealsea Theatre, Festival de Danza Contemporãnea de Uruguai, Festival Escritas Na Paisagem, Festival Temps D’images, Festival Da Fábrica, Quarta Parede, ZDB/Negócio, NEC, Edifício (O Rumo do Fumo/Fórum Dança), Plataforma HR, among others.

In 2013 Dinis received the life Long Burning (Jardin D’Europe) Swedish co-production by CullbergBallet for his project Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen. The work was nominated for the Pris Jardin D’Europe at ImPulsTanz 2014.


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