Christopher Matthews is an American born choreographer and performance artist working from London. He holds a BFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and a MA in Choreography from Trinity Laban. He has choreographed and directed music videos for Erickatoure Aviance, My Pumps, and Angolan artist Coreon Du, My Heart & It’s Not Ok. Christopher is a judge and contemporary choreographer on the popular Angolan dance reality series Bounce. His video and performance works have been presented at galleries in Amsterdam, London, Manchester, NYC and Barcelona. His dance works have been performed in NYC, Guatemala, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, London and Edinburgh.

Christopher is interested in what happens when he brings his experiences of performing in reality television, which feel like a performance of the self, into other spaces such as the gallery, where the body becomes an object/ image for contemplation, more than a spectacle. He is interested in the tensions of these colliding presentations, and the politics of seeing and acting in these contexts. These tensions are part of the work, and I build into my works certain feedback mechanisms through which the spectator is invited to invest their own ideas and questions. Most explicitly, this takes the form of conversation (The Interview, 2014) or instagram occupy (#lads, 2017) and more implicitly I work with this idea through an engagement of the spectator’s gaze towards a kind of criticality (Untitled video works, 2017, Lads, 2017 and 20 Remix, 2013).

‘I’m not only seduced by this work – the boldness and intelligence of the choreography – but turned on by these dancing figures…”
Paul Hughes


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