The Choreographic Lab is a platform for sharing choreographic and embodied movement processes and practices run by Research Directors Vida Midgelow & Jane Bacon.

The Lab is committed to the development of deep investigation, articulation and the creation of challenging multimodal practices. Through its long time collaboration with Dance4 The Choreographic Lab aim to make spaces for engagement in practice and research inquiry. The Lab’s work encompasses long term, durational and fleeting encounters for artists, researchers and publics.

Aiming to blur the boundaries between artistic and academic research, The Choreographic Lab designs and curates bespoke frameworks and spaces for exploration and exchange in the form of workshops, research intensives, mentoring and dramaturgical support. The Lab creates innovative new works that encompass somatic, improvised, felt sense and therapeutic approaches that are akin to teaching, mentoring and research supervision.  At the heart of all is an interest in the articulation of artistic process and products; The Lab supports the publication of new dance writings in order to facilitate dynamic relationships between theory and practice, choreographer and scholar, producer and artist, performer and public.


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