Charlie Morrissey is a director/choreographer, performer, teacher, and researcher who has been working in the field of performance for 30 years. Charlie organises, creates and collaborates in a variety of performance and research projects and performs in the work of other dance and theatre-makers.

His solo works explore movement, objects, visual imagery and words to construct and question meaning, reality and fiction. He works with imagination as an interactive phenomenon, which he tests in live performance contexts. He finds things out by doing them.

His work is influenced by long-term working relationships with Steve Paxton, Siobhan Davies, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Scott Smith, Katy Coe, K.J Holmes, Katie Duck and others.

Charlie curates Wainsgate Dances – an international artist-led programme of dance centred at Wainsgate Chapel in Yorkshire, UK.

Teaching as research is central to Charlie’s practice and he teaches for dance and theatre companies, institutions, festivals and independent organisations nationally and internationally.


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