Bodies in Flight make performance work that has an encounter between flesh and text where words move and flesh utters, where the ordinary is made central and rendered unique.

The company are fascinated by this in-between: between body and mind, capability and desire, between the everyday and the extraordinary, between technologies of sound and vision – the tongue and the camera, between artistry and pedagogy.

Their work has often been described as cutting edge & accessible, attracting a wide cross-section of audiences. This is because their work is about uncovering the hidden, unspoken feelings and passions in everyday events, making these experiences visible as choreography & poetry. The nature of these cross-disciplinary projects enables them to sit comfortably in and alongside a number of categories and perform at a diverse range of venues and festivals.

They have a significant regional, national and international profile and have toured extensively. Formed in 1990, the company is led by choreographer Sara Giddens and writer Simon Jones.


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