Aniela Piasecka’s work tends to favour collective creation and participation over individual artistic practice, frequently collaborating with Olivia Norris, Isabel Palmstierna and Paloma Proudfoot as part of performance group STASIS, as one half of the duo Proudfoot & Piasecka, and with other artists such as film-maker Daniel Cook, curator, artist and DJ Francis Dosoo and musician Ailie Ormston.

A motivation to question the delineation of artistic practices and our singular understandings of authorship and the creative process underpins this collaborative research. In both collaboration and solo research, a strong and never-ending will to explore the link between affect and space underpins the work, a continual curiosity regarding how different environments impact on human social behaviour with an affiliation to queer, feminist, and disability politics.

Outputs combine choreography, text, film, and installation; colliding between visual art contexts (Glasgow International Biennial 2016 and 2018; Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop; Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Galleria Marselleria, Milan) and performance contexts (The Place, London; Dance International Glasgow, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow).

Aniela is based in Glasgow and is a Dance Base Associate Artist.


Landscape photo by Daniel Cook and portrait photo by Ailie Ormston


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