We are proud of the breadth of support we can, and do, offer artists from our iC4C home. Our collaborations with artists intend to be mutually supportive in order to truly make a difference to the artist as well as the development of our art form. Our relationship with artists is incredibly important to us.

We support and nurture artists from a philosophy of risk, curiosity and doubt. We love work that challenges perceptions of dance, blurs disciplinary boundaries and that explores current and future choreographic practices. We house, support and facilitate Residencies, actively support Dance Research, and are developing a new approach to connecting English artists to local and International markets.

We support the creation of work from independent artists based or working in the UK. We have supported many projects – beautiful, thought-provoking, exciting, challenging and questioning – to reach people from all walks of life.

We want brilliant work to be seen as far and wide as is possible. We aim to increase the visibility and availability of work commissioned and produced by Dance4 through activating national and international markets. We strive to extend the influence of Dance4’s curatorial priorities and art works internationally using work produced by us and that of the artists we support.