We’re delighted to announce Dance4’s new freesheet, 4WORDS has landed. Our Chief Executive and Artistic Director, Paul Russ introduces 4WORDS below.

We’re approaching our third brithday at the international Centre for Choregraphy (iC4C), three years that have been full of discovery. There are many new adventures ahead and this new freesheet, 4WORDS, is one way to explore the work of Dance4, the artists we work with and the activity at iC4C. This is a new place for many voices to share ideas, ask question and for us at Dance4 to share what excites us about the present and future of dance and choreography.

2019 brings a new focus of direction for Dance4 and our work at iC4C. Our curatorial policy underpins decisions we make in supporting artists bringing their ideas to Nottingham. It feels important that we offer everyone an insight into what intruiges us about dance, how dance makes a contribution to our lives and the conversations that will influence the perspectives of dance and the world around us.

We support artists that contribute new ideas and approaches in choreography and place, including with galleries, museums and public spaces, exploring different ways we encounter and watch dance.

We continue to create an environment that brings artists and non-professionals together in the creation and presentation of new dance works. And at a time when the world is ever more divided, we have a desire to enable artists to bring urgent social and political questions to our building, and conversations with many people. It feels vital that artists are the activists and pivotal thinkers in helping us all question and see the world differently.

Looking into the coming weeks, months and years we’re excited about the ideas, conversations and choreography that are emerging by incredible artists. For many years we have dreamt of having spaces like this that can support artists and their ideas, meeting our neighbouring communities in Sneinton, Nottingham and beyond. The kettle is always on at iC4C and we welcome to come and share in the inspiring work and conversations that take place here daily.