Florence Peake is a London-based artist whopractice uses drawing, painting and sculpture combined with found and fabricated objects placed in relation to the moving body.

Eve Stainton is an artist working with movement, the process of creating performance, and digital collage making. Her practice often takes the shape of queer and very intimate collaborations enquiring into/exploiting the influx and generation of desire and vulnerability as a form of protest in response to restrictive normative attitudes.

Together they will be performing Slug Horizons at Nottdance in Nottingham Contemporary. Florence was interviewed by Hannah Duguid from the Independent about the work. See below:

The nudity and exposure of the piece doesn’t bother Peake. What she fears is misrepresentation, where the viewer is deaf to the subtlety of what she wants to say.

It could be read in an infantilising, slightly patronising way,” says Peake. “It’s not the whole thing of getting my vag out that bothers me, but it’s about how that gets read conceptually. It could be reduced to some kind of sexualised thing but there are a lot of formal elements: the scissoring, how bodies configure around each other. It’s hard to keep moving while holding that scissoring connection. It’s awkward and clunky, an almost mechanical element. It’s quite sculptural.
Florence Peake

Slug Horizons is part of the Thursday ticket deal that is available, where you can experience an evening of performances for £25 or £20 concession price. Click here for more details.