Dance4 is an international centre for the development of extraordinary 21st century dance. A unique voice in the UK dance sector, our work supports artists and practitioners who are interested in the development of dance.
At Dance4 we always strive to create working conditions that centre the care and dignity of all, and safety is paramount to our working practices.
Equality & Diversity                           iC4C Visitor Guidance


Dance4 and DanceXchange are coming together in a formal merger, building on the strengths of the two successful organisations. The two organisations are combining their complementary knowledge, skills and expertise in dynamic, expansive programmes, to form a new, single, strategic organisation, FABRIC. Jointly, Dance4 and DanceXchange can be more ambitious for dance made, produced and nurtured in the Midlands. FABRIC’s vision is to inspire people through dance, transforming lives, communities and places. fabric.dance.

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