Big Dance 2016

Big Dance 2016

Big Dance Pledge 2016
Dance4 leads the Regional Hub for Big Dance in the East Midlands.

Big Dance is a biennial festival of people dancing delivered by People Dancing and the Mayor of London in partnership with a network of Big Dance Hubs

Dance4 leads the Big Dance Hub for the East Midlands, working with partners from across the region to encourage involvement in the Big Dance Pledge and Big Dance Week activities. 

The Big Dance Pledge 2016 is now available with a worldwide performance day on Friday 20 May. The Big Dance Week is Saturday 2 - Sunday 10 July.

Big Dance began in 2006 with biennial editions, where Big Dance 2012 was the UK’s biggest ever celebration of dance. The final edition, marking 10 years of Big Dance takes place this year, 2016.

Past East Midlands Big Dance programmes have included choreographic commissions by Bodies in Flight, Mickael Marso Riviera, New Art Club and the creation of Bolero, a mass participation film and series of performance events which celebrated Torvill and Dean's 30th Anniversary of winning the Olympic Gold medal in Sarajevo.

The East Midlands has previously presented a range of mass participation performance events celebrating the Big Dance Pledge in a variety of locations across the region including shopping centres, at festivals, town centres, schools, playing fields, community centres and outside historic buildings.

Big Dance is open to anyone who want to take part and encourages all ages and abilities to get involved in the Big Dance Pledge.

For full details on the Big Dance Pledge 2016, how to register and to sign up to free resources, click here or contact Rebecca [at] Dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk (Rebecca) for further details.

Photo by Richard Parr.