Sara Giddens

Sara Giddens

Based in Derbyshire, Sara has extensive professional and academic experience in dance and performance both as a freelance choreographer and as co-director of Bodies in Flight.

Sara has acted as a creative facilitator and consultant for a number of organisations including Creative Partnerships and has published articles on her work as well as a CD-ROM archive: Flesh & Text (2001).

Her work features in two recent publications – Jo Machon’s (Syn)aesthetics (2009), and by Prof Morwenna Griffiths in the forthcoming Routledge Reader on Research in the Arts (2011). From 1998-2001 Sara collaborated with ethnographer Dr Maggie O’Neill developing Renewed Methodologies: Not all the time…but mostly… which has been presented in a wide range of national and international contexts.

Sara’s practice-based doctoral research is entitled Still Small Acts and looks at moments of stillness both within Sara’s own work and also movement-based performances presented at Nottdance festivals from 1992. Focusing upon stillness affords a metaphorical, methodological, aesthetic artistic and political frame.

This practice-based research will contribute to the ongoing investigation and debate into the articulation of interdisciplinary contemporary choreography.

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Supervised by Dr Vida L Midgelow and Dr Jane Bacon, University of Northampton.

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