Rosanna Irvine

Rosanna Irvine

Rosanna is a choreographer working with dance performance, digital video and writing practices. Her work is conceptually driven and interdisciplinary, developed and shown in public spaces as well as theatres and galleries.

Rosanna often uses live video feed to generate fluid boundaries between simultaneous performance events, the performers and the public. Her approach is informed by close attention to ‘thinking processes’ in the moment of performance. Rosanna’s work is also concerned with particular contexts – people, place and materials.

Rosanna’s doctoral research addresses questions of ‘presence’ and ‘representation’ in interdisciplinary dance practice. She does this with particular reference to the conceptually driven movement in dance that emerged in continental Europe in the 90s, and which was introduced to British dance audiences at Nottdance Festival 2000.

Using the Nottdance archive, current Dance4 programming and through her own practice, Rosanna will examine how questions of ‘presence’ and ‘representation’ have informed, and been articulated through particular choreographic works.  She will concider the political and ethical issues which inform and arise out of these practices, including the relationship to audience engagement, and how these concerns continue to impact on contemporary and emerging dance and choreographic practices.

Follow Rosanna's work on her blog.
Supervised by Dr Vida L Midgelow and Dr Jane Bacon, University of Northampton

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