Robert Clark: Badlands

Robert Clark: Badlands

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Dance4 Associate Artist Robert Clark is an established performer and collaborator. As a choreographer he seeks to extend this collaborative interest.

With his focus on the process of communication and undefined by a specific style, Robert with his team, works from a conceptual starting point into the medium that best expresses this exploration of direct study and metaphor. To learn more about the artist please visit his profile page

Accompanied by a selection of love songs, and referencing the films of Terrence Mallick, David Lynch and Guillermo del Toro, Robert attempts to create the one thing he feels the dance world truly needs...

...a real, honest love story.

Set in a world reminiscent of 50's America, the two performers, in a work that wanders across realities, undertake to resolve a love story not of their choosing.

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, University of Northampton, The Place, Greenwich Dance and dance4. 

If your interested in booking Badlands please contact the Dance4 Producing Team: producingteam [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk or 0115 941 0773


"Full of bold ideas" The Guardian

"An interestingly odd and tangential love story"  One Stop Arts

"An effective and well-conceived look at love and life."  The Public Reviews

Badlands technical rider can be found below.

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