Chris Dugrenier: Wealth's last caprice

Originally from France Chris Dugrenier is an independent performance maker, based in the UK.

She is an associate artist for Stan's Cafe theatre and deviser/performer for 30 Bird. Her practice has developed towards interdisciplinary performances/ installations/ art projects resulting from redencies, commissions and collaborations. Starting with the autobiographical, with a few exaggerations and little white lies, her projects have been site-specific performance within a tea dance, a collection of video vignettes, a heart-to-heart and could be a sound postcard, a political movement, an impossible public artwork.

THE WORK- A performance where you may hear something to your advantage... 2162 objects totalling 18 years of consumption, compulsion, needs and wants. In this solo performance, Chris envisages a future where she is not present and asks those present to be legal witness to her inventory: the listing of her dreams, ambitions, vanities and wishes... An uplifting celebration of life rather than a momento mori, Wealth's Last Caprice is a sensative, funny and touching reflection on what we value. 

'Wealth's Last Caprice is a delightfully simple and resonant...'

'The material is personal enogh to be powerful and yet open enough to provoke personal refletion...'

Developed with support from ACE East Midlands, the Core Corby.

If you are intersted, please contact the Dance4 Production Team: producing [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk

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