Chris Dugrenier: Elan Vital

Originally from France Chris Dugrenier is an independent performance maker, based in the UK.

She is an associate artist for Stan's Cafe theatre and deviser/performer for 30 Bird. Her practice has developed towards interdisciplinary performances/ installations/ art projects resulting from redencies, commissions and collaborations. Starting with the autobiographical, with a few exaggerations and little white lies, her projects have been site-specific performance within a tea dance, a collection of video vignettes, a heart-to-heart and could be a sound postcard, a political movement, an impossible public artwork.

THE WORK- A tape on the floor measures time... only the years gone by... Chris asks you: 'join in with me, let's warm up, a step at a time...' No regrets sings Edith Piaf. 'Now', Chris explains, 'I am training to do a gymnastic back walkover, before it's too late...' Part performance, part gym class, Elan Vital is an exploration of ageing, a gentle reminder that time is running out and an invitation to ask ourselves 'Have we left it too late?'

'An interesting concept, motivational, sport for all. no boundries'

'It is one of thhose piece's that will stick in the mind and provoke lots of thought and associations in the future''...this has the potential to be either tragic or life-affirming...'

Developed with support from ACE East Midlands, The Core Corby and CPT.

If you are interested, please contact the Dance4 Producing Team: producting [at] dance4 [dot] co [dot] uk

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