Evangelia Kolyra Residency

Evangelia Kolyra Residency

Evangelia Kolyra investigates how breathing affects movement and the functionality of the body in relation to shared social experiences.

Intertwining the areas of dance, music, theatre and performance art, Evangelia's new work is about existence, focusing on the small but vital act that keeps us alive, breathing.

Her residency here in the Dance4 Studio focused on the presentation of the material derived during an initial R&D process. She intends to take the work into full production and rehearsals in December 2014/Janurary 2015, with a first showing of the piece in June 2015 at The Place, London.

Evangelia Kolyra is a Greek born, London based choreographer and dancer, who is interested in chreographing within theatre spaces, site-specific, film and installation contexts. Evangelia's work aims to offer audiences a kinaesthetically rich experience of the unexpected, humorous and sometimes dark or sinister sides to the psychology of human experience, presented within highly detailed and physically demanding choreography. Her work has been featured  in various platforms and festivals in Europe (England, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Sweden) and she is working towards developing cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative practice. http://evangeliakolyra.com

Choreographer: Evangelia Kolyra. Performers: Aontonio de la Fe, Justyna Janiszewska, Elsa Petit, Ellie Sikorski, with thanks to Miriam Keye. Producer: Xavier de Sousa. Project manager: Iris Chan

Funded by Arts Council England. Commissioned by The Place, London. Supported by Dance4, Greenwich Dance, University of Roehampton and King's College London.

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