Critical Path

Established in 2004, Critical Path is a dynamic, responsive organization with a principal goal to support innovative research by New South Wales (Australia) choreographers.

They deliver a program of research opportunities which promote innovation by creating opportunities for choreographers to explore new ways of working, develop new networks and engage in debate and critical appreciation of dance. Best practice in artistic research is incorporated into a diverse program that features a 3-strand model of Curated, Responsive and Mentoring projects.
Building on a past partnership in 2010 Dance4 entered into a ‘studio’ exchange with Critical Path.

In 2011, as part of its Mentoring opportunities Critical Path will offer two UK artists, selected by Dance4, with a range of diverse needs to be involved. Ideas for these projects have been generated as a response to conversations between local artists and Critical Path.

Last year’s exchange (see below) gave Australian artists Alexandra Harrison and Benedict Anderson the opportunity to undertake a studio residency in Nottingham. This year Critical Path will host Nicola Conibere (Dance4 Associate) and Rajni Shah, Artist in this year’s nottdance festival, at the Drill Hall, Sydney.

September/October 2011

Nicola Conibere
Nicola will continue explorations into how the event of performance might acknowledge and engage the act of viewing and interpretation on the part of spectators. Points of investigation include: How might a conscious extension or exaggeration of distance between performers and spectators invite audiences to recognise their role of finding meaning in what they see, and how would distance be understood in this case? How might terms of seduction inform a performance practice in relation to its spectators? What does one experience in a state of ‘believing in’ a performance? How do we notice when we have lost that belief, when we are no longer inside, but out? London-based artist Nicola is currently pursuing practice-based doctoral research into how conceptions of audience inform performance practice.

Rajni Shah
Rajni will engage in a series of conversations with local artists and residents, exploring the role of socially and politically engaged work in the local area, and opening up conversations addressing issues of cultural identity and political agency. Her residency will focus on listening and observing, adapting and creating new spaces, emerging from the people she meets both in the studio and in public space. Rajni Shah, founder of Rajni Shah Projects, has been creating and directing original performance work in the UK, Europe and USA since 1999. Her work ranges from large-scale performance installations made through an in-depth collaborative process, to small solo interventions in public spaces.

July 2010

Alexandra Harrison and Benedict Anderson
Alexandra and Benedict worked in the Dance4 studio for four weeks. Alexandra is an Australian born artist who has created and internationally toured dance and theatre productions for over 12 years while Benedict is an Australian born interdisciplinary practitioner working in architecture, film and dance/performance dramaturgy.
While based in the studio Alexandra and Benedict worked on Alexandra’s latest project What’s Coming. Alexandra’s practice aims to develop choreographies born of ideas and choreographies that cultivate their own space, time and rhythm. This is a reflective practice that develops from bodily work, accumulations, multiplicities and connections.
Alex returned to the UK in February to share the latest developments for What’s Coming as part of Nottdance 2011.

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