Sunday 12 November 2017
iC4C 2 Dakeyne StreetSpace 2Nottingham NG32AR
D.A.N.C.E is developing a new comedy experience.

D.A.N.C.E is developing a new comedy experience. Which see comedians and dancers working together, creating something new, we’re not sure what yet, but we know it’s not like anything you’ll have seen before. 

Comedians will do their sets and dancers will improvise around them, and they’ll swap, with comedians trying their hand (or feet?) at busting a move, and dancers finding out what it takes to tell a joke.

An exciting way to see different artforms working together. Hosted by the loveably/ enigmatic/ lover of shirts with animals on it  - Daniel Nicholas.

Tickets: £5
Suitability: 18+

 With generous funding from Arts council England and support from Dance4.

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