Arts & Humanities Research Council Projects

Rosanna Irvine and Sara Giddens
In partnership with the Middlesex University we are supporting two research programmes funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Both Rosanna Irvine and Sara Giddens have begun their PhD’s, which will undertake practice-led research with the University and Dance4.

The key objective is to provide an environment that is more than either the professional dance sector or the University could offer alone. Allowing the outcomes of this practice-led research to impact widely not only across our own work but the entire dance sector.

Both organisations intend to support these Research Artists in generateing and articulating models of creative practice.  The research will question how interdisciplinary practice challenges conventional concepts of choreography and how the processes of choreographing dance works can be effectively articulated - both within and beyond the practice itself.

The two key areas of research will be responding to the following:

  •  Aspects of the archive/legacy of Dance4 and Nottdance as major influences on the direction of (post) post-modern dance across the UK and beyond;
  •  Working practices that analyse audience engagement in new / interdisciplinary dance performance

The Choreographic Lab at the University of Northampton was Dance4 original partner on this programme. They played a central role in the debates around Performance as Research in dance and is an internationally recognised hub of excellence for practice led researchers, supporting the work of more than 20 PhD students in dance and dance related fields.  More recently the PhD students have transferred to Middlesex University to support their research.