Artists & Practitioners

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For over 15 years Dance4 has worked with a number of artists under the Associate Artists programme to support an artist’s career, a company’s career or a project over a significant period of time, and may involve commissioning or producing their work

‘Our Associate Artists share our desire to uncover new ideas and perspectives on dance and choreographic practices. By working collaboratively our hope is that through asking questions of each other we collectively discover and deepen knowledge, our programmes, and the artist’s work. I’m inspired by these artists, their work, ideas and voices. Together we’ll ensure Dance4 continues to support artists to present great work here in the region and beyond.’
Paul Russ
Artistic Director / Chief Executive, Dance4

 ‘My relationship with Dance4 has been pivotal. We have conceived projects together that arose, perhaps a little unusually, from an open-ended, ongoing conversation about chorepgraphic inquiry. This has developed my practice and I have valued this way of working greatly. In becoming an Associate Artist with Dance4, I am excited to explore where next this dialogue and collaboration will take us.’
Joe Moran
Choreographer & Associate Artist, Dance4