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Dance4 invites you to witness current practices and thinking from the UK and beyond, to contribute to the future of the field and to explore your place within it.
6th February


Dance4 has successfully raised £25,000 from members of the public to support the development of a new international Centre of Choreography in Sneinton. ‘Campaign25’ was set up as a series of 25 fundraising events to raise £25,000 in their 25th year.
12th September
LeftLion has been talking to us and two of the artists we work with about our international Centre for Choreography and some of our upcoming projects - have a read!
2nd September


The wheat is now a tall, whispering field of green...
1st June


The draft article available to download below reports on interim findings from a research project by Sally Doughty and Marie Fitzpatrick.
18th December
Dance4 would like to introduce our new Young Associate Programmer Hannah McBrien, here is a quick Q&A to help us learn a bit more about Hannah.
2nd December
A first experiences walk by local residents in Belgrave.
7th December


Would you like to take part in a pilot project talking about dance? We are looking for people who would like to talk to dance artists and audiences.
6th August
Dance4 looking for volunteers for pilot project


Performers from across the county are being sought to take part in a summer show, which will bring together professional dancers and amateur performers from the UK and Portugal.
28th April
Lincolnshire Echo
GYMNAST, a collaboration between Bodies in Flight, film maker Tony Judge (Creative Forum) and Jen Bell (composer) and the Night Bus Choir has just gone national.
18th April
Bodies in Flight


Dance4 Associate Artist Robert Clark is searching for 100 choreographers to take part in a joint research project he is undertaking with Clinical Psychologist Chris Irons and his charitable foundation,
6th January
Research into choreographic practice and happiness